Bootable USB Drive(Pen Drive) To Install Any OS:

These Days, Many People Use USB Sticks for Data Storage and Some people, achieved Installing an OPERATING SYSTEM from Pen Drive and Some CANT....                                              

Solutions Are HeRe!

Common Requirements:

Step 1: Get UR OS in ISO FORMAT(All downloded OS WIll be in ISO format only except 
             MAC OS > DMG format) 


            If you have OS in CD then make that CD has ISO format using poweriso

Step 2: After you Downloaded Power ISO install iT...

Step 3:Skip this Step if u already have an OS iso file >> Insert your OS CD inorder to make it as ISO format (for example : I use,WINDOWS 8.1).
PowerISO>Make Image File
Select a Drive n Click OK to Convert CDFS as ISO.


Step 4: AFTER your ISO created.... Now Again GOTO > POWER ISO> TOOLS >
                                          Create Bootable USB DRIVE as Shown below.

Step 5:Do as Shown in IMAGE and Click Start.
          Source Image File may Differ in Your PC! Browse ISO which u have Created using Step 3.
Click Start and Wait, Till Process completes!

Step 6: After Process Complete! Remove ur Pendrive n Restart Computer.

               Below Steps Should be Done Before System Boots UP toWindows or Any OS...

Step 7: Check whether your PC has BOOT OPTIONS  at StartUP and
              Press that Fn Key such as F7,F10, F12(This may Differ from manufacturer`s) &             
             SELECT your Pen Drive.....    
                                                GREAT YOU HAVE BOOTED NOW!!!!
           SOME OLD PC`s
            GOTO BIOS SETUP or SETUP in some PC`s >>>Goto BOOT or BOOT OPTIONS     
             >>>  SET USB DRIVE or REMOVABLE DRIVE as 1st OPTION to BOOT Device also
             Check For BOOT REMOVABLE DEVICES AT FIRST > ON         
Step 8: After Set Pen Drive as First Boot Device, Press F10 in BIOS Settings Save and Exit : Y

Step 9: If u Performed all The above Steps Correctly..... 
              I assure,That now It must BOOT definitely....

                    Enjoy Fast Installation of OS using Pen Drive`s now....  

              Thank You for Spending Some Time To Read This BLOG!!!!
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