How to assign keyboard shortcuts for applications on windows and Linux

 Assign Keyboard Shortcuts for Applications

                                                    Most of us, has a habit of using some applications repeatedly such as notepad,word,calculator,windows media player or winamp for listening songs, VLC for movies etc., This makes some to feel lazy ,each time searching an application in start or going deep with more mouse clicks....

Let`s Fix this Laziness by creating Few Shortcuts on Keyboard....


 Step 1: Right-click on any Application on Desktop-->Properties-->Shortcut tab.
  •  In my Case, I used VLC Media Player 
    Right Clicked VLC-->Properties
    • Set Shortcut as CTRL+ALT+[ANY_LETTER] as shown

      Set a keyboard shortcut,in my case i used CTRL+ALT+V.

      Method 2:

      Setting shortcuts for some others applications such as Command Prompt, Shutdown etc.,

      •  Right-click on Desktop-->New-->Shortcut.
        Right-Click on Desktop-->New-->Shortcut
      •  on Create Shortcut Window
               Click on Browse-->Select for an Application and Press ok!
    Select an Application to create Shortcut first and then set Keyboard shortcut
    Finally, Shortcut Created of  Command Prompt is Placed on Desktop. Again do the Above Steps which are done for VLC Media Player. 

 Thats iT, You have Created Keyboard Shortcuts for Applications in Windows.At any time simply Pressing CTRL+ALT+ ANY_LETTER which you have a assigned will open its appropriate Application.

  1. In Windows, you cant create a keyboard shortcut directly to an Application.
  2. Must create an Application Shortcut first to create a Keyboard Shortcut.    
  3. Created shortcut can be placed in any place of Drives.         
You can also ASSIGN Shortcuts for Shutdown,Hibernate,Restart,Repair Options on Windows!
              You may also see this post for Shutdown Shortcuts for Windows 8.


LINUX Users:

You have seen the above Steps for Windows. 

Now,Let`s See how its going to be done in LINUX based PC`s...

Step 1: Click on Top Right-side Corner on ROOT-->SYSTEM SETTINGS.

Click on System Settings
 Step 2: Now on SYSTEM SETTINGS Window--->Select Keyboard as shown.


Select Keyboard


 Step 3: On Keyboard Window,Click on Custom Shortcuts.
Select Custom Shortcuts


 Step 4: Click on + to create a new Shortcut.
  •  On, Custom Shortcut window ,Enter any name for the shortcut and give a correct Command to execute for the Keyboard Shortcut.

                                              In my case, I have Used GNOME-SYSTEM-MONITOR to open SYSTEM MONITOR or Task Manager on Linux as shown.

    Type Name ,COMMAND to execute on action

               Some Common Commands are  1. /usr/bin/vlc %U for VLC.
                                                                      2. gnome-terminal for Terminal
                                                                      3.bluetooth-wizard for Bluetooth Device Setup etc.,

 Step 5:Once a Shortcut Created
  • Simply Click on the Shortcut to ASSIGN a Keyboard Shortcut as shown.
    Click on the New Shortcut and Press CTRL+ALT+S
    All Applications Keyboard Shortcuts Must be Prefixed with CTRL+ALT+[ANY_LETTER].
  Thats iT! You Have finished assigning Keyboard Shortcuts on Linux!!!

Now at any time Pressing CTRL+ALT+S ,it Opens System Monitor...


Note: I Used Kali Linux for Screenshots.Most of the Linux Systems has this type of User Interface but on Some Other Linux environment it may differ such as KDE environments may posses some other look,color which not seen here.All the steps indicated will be as same on Linux OS!!!!

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