how to use angry ip scanner to scan ip and open ports

How to use angry ip scanner to scan ip and open ports

   What does IP Scanner do:

                     IP scanner is a tool to scans the network for specified IP range and tell whether the host is live or not,we can also use the ip scanner to know the ports which are open at the live hosts.

Step 1: Download and install angry ip scanner > downloadLink

IP Range will be identified default for LAN,if not enter manually
Step 2: Open Angry IP Scanner and type the range of IP address as shown in below image.

  • Goto Tools>>>Preferences(CTRL+SHIFT+P)
  • To add ports numbers to scan, you can type1-n ports or give commas to separate ports numbers as shown in image below.

Type Port number of your own to scan

 Step 3:  Now, To scan Hit the button START and wait sometime to scan and you will get a report like this.

  •     In order to reduce scanning time, i entered only 8080,80 to scan for open ports in preferences
  •  Use CTRL+H to see the next alive host, you will see the open port as in image.
Here, port number 80 is running


Overview of Advanced Port Scanner

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