How to access files and folders from dual-boot linux partition on windows

  • If you're the one installed windows-linux on a dual-boot environment and trying to access the windows partitions from linux os ?? Yes, its possible because linux supports ntfs,fat partitions.
  • But, If you need to access linux partitions - files and folders from windows, it is not possible by default windows disk management! So , Lets see what we can do with it, to achieve opening the linux partitions within windows operating system!

Software required:   

  1.  Diskinternals Linux Reader - Download and install from Official Site.

    After Download, Install linux reader:

    Just hit the Next,Next...Install!b00m

    Type Linux reader on your windows search.

    Open Diskinternals Linux Reader


    Once Opened Linux Reader, linux and windows partitions will be listed as shown.

    / , /boot are the dual-booted linux partitions

     You can now browse the partitions and click on the file or folder to view or to export it! 


    select save to export , mount to system for mounting (paid) , upload to ftp

    Now, you can access all your files and folders from the dual-booted linux to windows!


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