how to install speedtest on android smartphone using termux - no root

  • We all have done hundreds of internet speedtest on ,which comes on an eye catchy graphical user interface.
  • Now,Let us try some command-line speedtest on your android smartphone.


  1. Termux  - Install Termux from Google playstore.
  2. Python with PIP manager
  3. Speedtest-cli

After Installing Termux,
Open Termux - Android Terminal Emulator App and install python on it using the command below:

pkg install python

pkg install python

On Successful install of python on termux, refer the image below:
Python installed Sucessfully!
 Its time to install the real hero here - Speedtest-cli - type the command below and hit enter.

 Refer: Speedtest-cli

pip install speedtest-cli

Speedtest-cli installed!

Finally, we can run Speedtest on command-line on termux!

Here is the screenshot of speedtest-cli on termux!


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  1. Why, when following the commands to install python on Android, does it come back with:"E: Unable to locate package python" ?

    1. clear cache & data and tranfer termux to internal storage if not done

  2. following commands? you mean pip install speedtest-cli

  3. the procedure was very awesome thanks alot