How to connect to vpn in chrome and firefox using extension

VPN in chrome and firefox extension is used to unblock websites that are blocked in some countries.

Let us see how can we install extensions on firefox and chrome respectively.

Some of the Popular VPN Extensions in firefox and chrome:

1.u VPN
2.Hoxx VPN Proxy
3. Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Firefox
4.ZenMate VPN
5.Hola Free VPN and lot more free vpn extensions available.

In my case, Using Hoxx VPN for this Demo


Open your Chrome browser and click on this link below

Search for the Vpn extension you need.


Click on the extension and give "ADD TO CHROME" and your extension will be added to chrome.

Confirm that by opening the extension icon next to address bar or options>> more tools >> Extensions.

Now click on the Hoxx VPN extenion and create an account (email id not required) and thats it.

Create an account then list of vpn servers will be visible


Select a Server , connect and enjoy!

To enable this extension in incognito browsing or private mode , open "Manage Extension">> click "Details" on VPN extension and enable "Allow on incognito window".



Open Firefox and Give (CTRL+SHIFT+A) and select Extensions or 
Click on this link
Search for the VPN extension required for you.
In this case,same HoxxVpn is used for Demo.

  Click on Hoxx vpn and Give "ADD TO FIREFOX"
Now, your VPN extension will be added to firefox, and Hoxx VPN icon will be added next to the Address Bar area.

Click on the server to connect and enjoy the VPN!.
 To enable this extension in Private browsing mode , open "Manage your addon" (CTRL+SHIFT+A)>> select "EXTENSIONS" and Select Hoxx VPN extension and allow on "Run in private Windows".


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